Internships and Work Programs

  • There are two types of internships within the Occupational Therapy program and both are required. Short term fieldwork level 1 experiences are associated with three major treatment intervention courses (pycho-social OT, physical disabilities, and pediatrics). Fieldwork level 1 internships include 40 hours of matriculation at a designated facility. There are two 12 week professional fieldwork experiences (Fieldwork Level 2) that occur during the summer and fall of the final year of the program. Fieldwork Level 2 experiences are each 6-credit courses and must be successfully passed in order to graduate. Fieldwork 2 experiences are required by NBCOT prior to being allowed to take the national registration exam.

    Fieldwork Level 2 experiences are available in many different types of facilities throughout the United States. Students are given the opportunity to list the placements which they desire, but the final assignments are based on the facility’s willingness to accept the student and faculty evaluation of the student’s suitability for the placement. Fieldwork 2 placements are done to accommodate the needs of students and facilities in an attempt to make a positive and beneficial learning and working experience.